Our Family Office Defined Services

A Family Enterprise combines a family’s human, intellectual and monetary capital to create an operational structure that seeks to preserve and grow multi-generational wealth while bringing the family closer together. When conceptualizing one’s assets as an enterprise, families begin to understand the power their resources can have in shaping their lifestyle, the personal development of their heirs, and their community at large. Thus, you give purpose to your family’s wealth, while passing on your values, life’s lessons, standing in the community, and ethics on to generations to come.

Unlike traditional wealth management organizations, where advisors are often incentivized to provide advice that is in the best interests of their employer and may not be in the best interests of the investor, a Family Enterprise has employees who work directly for the family. Their obligation is to provide intelligent advice and offer objective information that enables the family’s decision-makers to make well-informed decisions consistent with their best interests. A well-structured Family Enterprise seeks to create lasting, generational wealth, while perpetuating the family name and its unity. Many families believe the foundation for a multi-generational family dynasty is built not only upon the family’s asset base, but, on the value of their reputation and family unity.

They also understand that the “family business” is always kept separate and distinct from the “business of the family”. Many believe that without this separation, the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” curse will become a reality.

Please select from the following service categories for a detailed list of services offered by The Abernathy Group II Family Office. Also, if there is an offering you believe to be important to your family, and you don’t see it listed below, please let us know. It is likely that we will be able to help your family in this area.

Service Categories