Asset Management


The Abernathy Group II Family Office’s primary objective is to help wealthy families stay wealthy.

We do this by surrounding our clients with an integrated team of experts. Each professional’s advice is focused on data, PRÜF – The Science of Investing, and is integrated into our research process. We bring a comprehensive summary to each family’s decision maker.

The goal of the Family Office is to make life simpler while doing our best to ensure your assets are working within a risk tolerance custom designed for your family. As you can clearly see here, we have a solid history of top-notch results of both protecting and growing a family’s wealth.

Equally important – we minimize expenses and strive to ensure well-researched financial, tax, and legal decisions based on objective data and information.

Cash Management

Our professional investors strive to identify low-cost cash management funds that meet your family’s financial needs. We seamlessly coordinate selection, management, and fund balancing within your portfolio to maximize investment return while minimizing risk.

Consolidated Reporting

Our technology updates your asset and liability balances on a daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to prepare you to make critical decisions. Every day, the knowledge of your current financial condition is at your fingertips.

Investment Policy Statement Creation

Our professional investors understand the importance of creating an Investment Policy Statement. This document becomes the heart and soul of a family’s investment process as it describes the family’s risk tolerance and acts as an indispensable guide for every investment professional working for the family.

It also allows the patriarch or matriarch and all family decision-makers, to focus on running the family’s business while their personal assets are managed as they’ve directed. This affords families peace of mind—they know, from generation to generation, their family’s financial future is well-planned.

Portfolio Re-Balancing and Monitoring

Our professional investors, guided by the Family’s Investment Policy Statement, regularly review each family’s portfolio for proper re-balancing. We alert you to any material changes so you’re free to spend less time monitoring your accounts and more time managing your business.

Direct Private Equity Access and Expertise

Our professional investors have decades of private equity experience and longstanding relationships with many fund managers and platforms. We help you locate and gain access to private equity funds and direct investments in privately owned companies’ best suited for your investment portfolio.

Access to Alternative Investments

We provide the analysis and access needed to create a well-balanced portfolio of alternative investments. Decades of experience have connected us with a range of opportunities that may not be widely available.

We may offer families access to funds formerly closed to new investors as well as lower minimum buy-ins. At times, we may also provide access to valuable alternative asset managers at a reduced cost.

We ask questions and offer your family the insights exclusive to a true professional investor.