Financial Planning

Our Approach

We build and implement a personal, comprehensive, strategic plan outlining in detail, how we can help you meet your family’s goals.

Our financial plans integrate investment management, retirement planning, cash flow management, educational funding, tax planning, risk management and asset protection. We also include asset gifting, estate planning and business succession planning into the detailed plan.

As lifecycle events occur and circumstances change, we will revisit the plan and adjust goals accordingly.

Direct Private Equity Access and Expertise

Our professional investors have decades of private equity experience and long-standing relationships with many fund managers and platforms. We can help you locate and gain access to private equity funds in line with your investment portfolio’s risk tolerance. At times discounted fees are available—and we pass these discounts on to you.

Equities Expertise

Our professional investors have navigated some of the most difficult markets in decades. Decades of diligence and experience earned us the number 1 rank in the nation by Nelson’s World’s Best Money Managers 16 times since 1991. We pride ourselves on minimizing risk while delivering solid returns.

See the results of our “Track Record” here.

Fixed Income Expertise

Safety of principal is always considered first. Our professional investors strive for you and your family to have adequate liquidity assurances and inflation protection. In a difficult interest rate environment, we strive to help families find alternatives, which will meet both the safety, and income requirements they need to meet their short and long-term goals.

Access to Alternative Investments

Our professional investors have been managing alternative assets since 1991. We provide the analysis and access needed to create a well-balanced portfolio, which strives to control risk while delivering solid long-term returns.

Investment Manager Selection and Oversight

We believe we are exceptionally qualified to determine which managers understand the art of investing and which managers do not. In a world where many offer consultation and advice despite no practical day-in-day-out work experience as a professional investor, our Family Office has an insiders’ perspective from decades in professional Wealth Management.

Our directive is to help your family cut through the “blather” and “investment terminology” and obtain the answers to questions which enable your family to make a well researched, intelligent decisions about who is, and who is not qualified to manage your assets.

Master Custody

Numerous investment managers and multiple custodians can create an administrative burden. We issue consolidated reports to streamline this information and allow families to safely receive the data they expect while keeping costs to a minimum.

Performance Reporting

Our detailed performance reporting allows each family to understand their current financial position, while simultaneously comparing their current performance to their long-term goals. We project expected cash flows into the future and see how unexpected events could affect a family’s financial position at any point in time.

Portfolio Risk Audit

Our analysis provides an independent assessment of the securities within a portfolio, from mutual funds to individually managed accounts. Our Family Office members enjoy a perspective of the risk in their portfolios that few other firms can provide.

Retirement Planning Counseling

After a lifetime dedicated to taking care of others, it is only fair that your assets will take care of you and your loved ones one day.

We help families determine when they can expect to retire and understand how much they can reasonably expect to have available in retirement, while doing do our best to prepare them for unforeseen circumstances.

Our scenario analysis encompasses a range of circumstances from a stock market downturn, a serious illness, and of course, living longer than expected.