Estate Planning

Our Approach

Successful families know estate planning is a key element of comprehensive wealth management—but it’s often overlooked. Our family office works with your estate planning professional, or, we recommend highly experienced, qualified, cost-effective experts. We collaborate with them to implement each family’s wishes to offer comprehensive wealth and trust fund management.

Business Succession Planning

Our family office works with the management team and board of directors to create and implement succession strategies with the goal of structuring your business to receive its maximum value long before the need arises.

Charitable Counseling

Our family office advises clients about their charitable and philanthropic endeavors. Supporting a meaningful cause can reduce taxes, enhance the family legacy and unify generations with a common mission.

We take great pride in helping each family create a strategic philanthropic framework. This framework allows the family to support the initiatives which are in line with the family’s purpose. It is not only possible for a family to prosper while supporting worthy causes – the best strategic gifts often enhance a family’s reputation and status for generations.

Estate Planning Counseling

Our family office advises clients on the legal structures designed for efficient transfer of wealth, avoiding probate and minimizing estate taxes.

Many families overlook the importance of educating the next generation before they begin inheriting the family’s wealth. Passing down assets to heirs before they’re prepared can destroy initiative. It may cause more destructive outcomes, each one bearing the potential to destroy your family’s unity and the wealth you and your family worked so hard to create.

Educating heirs is a fundamental aspect of preserving multi-generational wealth. Our experts work with you to ensure heirs are well educated and prepared to become intelligent stewards of your family’s wealth and trust funds.

Foundation Management

A foundation can direct human resources and financial capital to serve others. Navigating the challenges of administration, compliance, accounting, bookkeeping, and grant management can be daunting even to those with the foundation’s best interests at heart. We will help you create a foundation or locate the right foundation to serve your family.

The Abernathy Group II Family Office will strive to connect you to one or more firms who can administer, oversee and manage your family’s foundation.

Streamlining Business Affairs

Life’s pace offers little time to structure business decisions with foresight. Businesses are formed, accounts opened, and relationships are created over time. Eventually accounts are likely to become a tangled and chaotic. Decades later, there may be businesses, accounts, and relationships which no longer work. We help with organization and streamlining of your business affairs and account structures.

Without the clutter and confusion of structures, which no longer provide their original advantages, it is easier to make intelligent decisions to comprehensively manage your wealth, trust funds and any other sources of income.

Trust Monitoring, Coordination and Management

As trustee of a “fully managed” trust, our family office and partners can assume full responsibility for managing and administering your family’s trust, including the investment of trust assets. Distributions, accounting, tax issues, bill paying, and coordination with other advisors no longer need to be the responsibility of or headache for your heirs.