New Investment Office Launching for High Net Worth Physicians

By: Laura Mortkowitz

The Abernathy Group II is launching a brand new Specialty Family Office on Tuesday, which will be devoted to managing the investments of high net worth doctors.

The Abernathy Group II Physician Family Office is opening in New York, and it is one of the first of its kind to reach the market, according to the firm.

“We are excited to be a pioneer in establishing a private corporation which provides and coordinates critical business, legal, financial, tax, and trust services in a highly confidential environment for high net worth physicians and their families,” Steven Abernathy, co-owner of The Abernathy Group II, said in a statement.

The Physician Family Office will manage the investments, business affairs, family education, personal matters and philanthropic interests of doctors and their families. Some of the specific services it offers are Asset Management, Estate Planning, Practice Management and Lifestyle Management.

In 2009 the Physician Family Office held a soft launch by founding its Advisory Board of physicians who helped create the services offered. When the board was put together some doctors agreed to become clients early in the process. Currently, the Physician Family Office has $50 to $100 million in assets under advisement.

The Abernathy Group II is devoted to the medical profession and co-owners Abernathy and Brian Luster have been investing medical doctors’ money since 1991.

“We are looking forward to offering our many years of successful investment experience as well as our specific understand of the unique lifestyle challenges that most doctors face, which are significantly different from typical corporate executives,” Luster said in a statement.

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