Family Wealth Planning

Family wealth planning (estate planning) is becoming an increasingly necessary service to ensure that governments do not tax away all the value of family assets. Discover the tax benefits and increased cash flow you can achieve with family wealth planning.

Explore Tax Benefits

Officially, the United States federal government is in debt to the amount of 1,755,000,000,000 – yes, $1.755 trillion, and experts estimate that the debt increases $2.4 billion per day. Now, add state and local government, as well as schools to the equation. To pay for the excessive debt, taxes are likely to increase.

Many wealthy investors are considering 401(k) retirement accounts, offshore investments and family wealth planning. Some nations are even offering citizenship for ex-pats to move there. But you don’t need to follow that route. There are many attractive tax benefits through family estate planning.

Setting up a Trust

Many wealthy families set up trusts to receive attractive tax benefits. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers the assets contained in many trusts to be inaccessible to the original owner and beneficiaries. The trustee position enables trusts to qualify for impressive tax benefits.

Fixed Income Cash Flow

Reducing tax liability is not the only benefits of family wealth planning. How much do you have planned for your retirement? Have you calculated the cost of inflation? How much will you need to continue your lifestyle during your golden years?

By targeting assets that can provide a nice positive cash flow, you can increase the size of your nest egg. Being on a fixed income can be disastrous when food, gasoline, rent and health care costs are increasing. Speak to a qualified wealth planner to add some assets that will deliver positive cash flow for your retirement portfolio.

Charitable Foundations

As you look back on your life, you might want to leave a legacy. Many wealthy individuals have built wings for hospitals, funded colleges or started their own foundations. With a wealth adviser, you could look into the tax benefits of a charitable organization.

Protect your wealth by making concrete plans today. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Family wealth planning can ensure that future generations have solid and lasting asset and income protection.

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