How We Do It – Our Engagement Model

PRÜF – The Science of Investing

Families who manage their personal wealth as they would a business enterprise tend to make better financial decisions. By pooling financial and intellectual resources for a unified, common purpose, these families have had far more success in preserving family unity over time, overcoming the challenges of inter-generational wealth transfer, and achieving long-term goals.

By creating a Family Enterprise, which is intelligently structured and designed to manage risks while preparing and perpetuating future generations, we can help the “business of your family” be directed toward a shared objective.

We are not your traditional wealth management advisors.

We know having trusted fiduciaries in place when others are managing your assets is critical. We use PRÜF – The Science of Investing and data to structure investment decisions. We work with you to do what is in your family’s best interest, unlike traditional wealth management organizations, where advisors are often obligated to provide advice in the best interest of their firm. Our Family Office employees work directly with each of the family’s decision makers.

Our employees’ first obligation is to provide intelligent advice and objective information to enable the family’s decision-makers to formulate well-informed decisions consistent with their best interests.