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Published Articles

Curious George Companies, People, Ideas –

Mar 10,2008
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Dare to Challenge Market Opinion – Journal of Retirement Planning

Mar 01,2007
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Avoiding Portfolio Losses – Journal of Practical Estate Planning

Feb 01,2006
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A Marathon Not a Sprint – CPA Wealth Provider

Oct 01,2006
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What to Invest and Avoid Playing Retirement Roulette – The Doctor’s Office hc Pro

Dec 01,2005
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Risk and Volatility – Physician’s Money Digest

Sep 01,2005
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Plan Your Retirement Realistically – Chiropractic Economics

Dec 05,2005
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Can you Medical Knowledge Enhance Investment Yield? – Podiatry Management

Nov 01,2005
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Should I hold or fold? – Medical Economics

Aug 08,2003
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Insist on A Higher Wall Street Standard – Physicians’ Money Digest

Jul 15,2003
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