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Published Articles

Retirement 101: What You Don’t Know Can Harm You –

Mar 29,2013
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What You Need to Know About 401K Plans Today – Physician’s Money Digest

Mar 21,2013
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How to Prepare Your Medical Practice for the 21st Century – Physicians Practice

Oct 19,2012
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Whats in the Name (of Financial Advisors?) – Physician’s Money Digest

Mar 13,2013
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True or False: How do I Keep More Money in My Own Pockets? –

Jan 30,2013
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Legal Risks in Your Practices 401K Plan – Medscape

Dec 05,2012
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Time for Succession Planning Is Running Out With Looming Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts –

Oct 29,2012
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4 Mistakes Physicians Make with Their Personal Finances – Physicians Practice

Feb 24,2012
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Physicians Face Unsettling Health Care, Financial Issues – Physician’s Money Digest

Feb 02,2012
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The Most Unsettling Trends Facing Physicians – Practical Dermatology

Aug 01,2012
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