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We created The Abernathy Group II Family Office to help high-net-worth individuals manage their assets and provide a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

What is a Family Office? Why is it different from a Brokerage Firm? Watch the video for answers:

The Abernathy Group II Family Office is significantly different from other firms calling themselves financial advisors. We know the most successful families in the world protect and manage their financial and human capital as if it were a business.

The solution is turning each unique Family Unit into a Family Enterprise. An organized Family Enterprise has well organized, researched, and logical decision-makers. The most triumphant families combine their financial capital with their human capital to make educated and sensible legal and financial decisions.

Thriving Family Enterprises manage their families assets and affairs with the same proficiency as a corporation’s assets and affairs. This allows the family’s decision-makers to spend less time on important decisions and have better outcomes. The Abernathy Group II Family Office simplifies each family’s personal financial affairs by delivering important, objective information quickly, making critical legal and financial decisions effortless.

We are exactly the opposite from the brokerage community in that we have no conflicts of interest; we have no vested interest in selling products, and work directly for each family.

We realize each family is distinct in its access to financial capital, and is equally distinct in its access to human capital. We appreciate the fact that each family has deep expertise in the companies they own and run, yet has little time to keep up with the increasingly complex, and increasingly global world of personal finance. We understand there is scant time to focus on your business and spend the incredibly important time with your family. We also realize that the family business must be kept separate and distinct from the business of the family. If you blur those boundaries, trouble will surely follow.

This is where our most unique offering – Heritage Design – comes in. Heritage design is the process that has helped families avoid the Midas Curse, which is described in the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” fable.

A Family Enterprise is typically created when:

Following any of these events, a family matriarch/patriarch will typically recognize the importance of integrating experts from the fields of asset protection, estate and tax planning, investment management, risk management, and financial planning into their families long-term strategic planning and decision-making process.

If the steward of the family’s capital cannot dedicate their full attention to, or if they are not adequately proficient in these disciplines, the family steward must assign the day-to-day responsibilities to a personal Chief Financial Officer who will pursue activities that are consistent with the family’s best interests.

Often it is difficult for business owners to accept the need to delegate these responsibilities to a trusted advisor. However, all wealthy families must ultimately come to this realization, or risk falling victim of the age old proverb – from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations – whereby over 90% of wealthy families lose their wealth in three generations or less, due to lack of attention, purpose, and strategic planning regarding their personal wealth.

At times like these, the infrastructure and resources of a Family Office come into play. When a family decides it needs help from experts in many different areas of personal finance, the Family Office structure becomes the model of choice for many wealthy families. The Family Office is the actual structure a family implements to ensure the Family Enterprise is effectively managed and continuously moves toward accomplishing the family’s goals.

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