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Accounting and Tax Related Services

Daily Account Balance Aggregation

We build each member of our Family Office a private family website that organizes and updates all account balances and the values of all assets and liabilities daily.

Knowing current account balances and asset allocations is critically important when you are making decisions that will impact your family.

Your private family website equates to less time spent sorting through numerous account statements, or logging on to multiple websites each time an important financial decision must be made.


Family members may not only be responsible for paying their own expenses, but, potentially for those of adult children, parents, and their business. This can be an overwhelming responsibility even for the most organized. We help by aggregating your family’s account statements so you will know your cash balances at all times.


Meaningful, well-organized financial records help your business operations run more efficiently. Our partners can assist with daily bookkeeping.


Because ownership rights in a partnership are divided among two or more individuals, separate capital and drawing accounts may be maintained for each partner. When there are unequal partnership interests, cash accounts, capital accounts, guaranteed payments, and bonus structures, it can make accounting a challenge. When a new partner is admitted or a former partner withdraws, the challenges may be complex. Our partners can help you manage those challenges or take them off your plate entirely.


In an ever-changing regulatory environment, it is important to have an expert help you maximize the most current developments in tax laws. We and our partners can help minimize your family’s current and future tax liabilities. We can also help coordinate and implement tax saving strategies for your business and for your family.


Our Family Office experts understand new tax laws and changes to the existing tax code. Proper application is critical for accurate and precise tax preparation.

Contact us at (212) 293-3456 with any questions, comments, or to learn more about our accounting and tax related services.

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