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The Abernathy Group II, LLC

The Abernathy Group II LLC is registered as an investment advisor with the SEC.

We strive to deliver solid returns, independent of the market, with less risk. This allows you and your family to sleep at night knowing your assets are invested intelligently with less risk than many alternatives available elsewhere. You’ll soon discover why we have been ranked # 1 by Nelson Information’s World’s Best Money Managers 16 times since 1993.

We traditionally accept new families from those who agree with our views on wealth while visiting our website, and from other co-investors, or from certified lawyers, accountants, financial planners or tax experts.

Our steady presence at the epicenter of the financial universe for three decades hasn’t just earned us significant recognition. It has endowed us with wisdom and perspective. It has allowed us to establish a tangible track record of experience and consistency. Unlike most firms where the name on the door stays the same but the people and processes come and go, the same principals who produced the outstanding returns for over 15 years are the same individuals producing the returns today.

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