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Published Articles

Flourishing Hedges: The Third Quarter Rise – Barron’s

Oct 27,2003
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Bonds Not Risk Free – Physicians Personal Advisory

Jul 01,2003
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Stem Cell Technology: Incremental Improvement or Disruptive Paradigm Change?

Sep 27,2014
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The Coefficient of Greed –

Mar 14,2002
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The Art of Collaborative Investing Whitepaper

Sep 01,2005
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Merill Gets Stay from Court – CBS MarketWatch

Apr 11,2002
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Key Investment Tips for Managing your Money Right – Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News

May 01,2002
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How much should you diversify? – Physician’s Personal Advisory

Apr 01,2002
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Collaborative Investing: Achieving Higher Returns – Buyside (Investor Media Network)

Feb 01,2002
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Business Unusual – CNN Interview

Apr 12,2002
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