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Published Articles

2011 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists – Dental Practice

Apr 01,2011
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Wall Street’s Great Deception – Journal of Retirement Planning

May 01,2006
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Counterpoint: The Greatest Macroeconomic Risk – CFA Magazine

Mar 01,2011
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Will You Retire as Comfortably as You Want? – Physician’s Money Digest

Jan 01,2006
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Key to Educated Investing – Physician’s Money Digest

Feb 15,2002
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Aligning Financial Advisor Motives – Physicians News

Oct 21,2003
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The Seat Belt Problem – The Investment Professional

Oct 01,2009
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You May Lose some Money –

Mar 01,2008
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Steadying Performance – CPA Wealth Provider

Jan 01,2008
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Overcoming the Leveraged Fallout – Financial Advisor

Mar 01,2008
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