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Founded by Steven Abernathy in 2010, the Abernathy Group II Family Office believes the key to legally protecting and managing assets for the most successful and affluent families in the world means simplifying and organizing each family’s asset profile like a business.  Each Family Unit is unique and evaluated as a separate entity we call a Family Enterprise.

The Abernathy Group II established itself, and contributed to value-based investing innovation with the development of Quantimental Analysis and Clinical Investing®. These advancements have tended to improve volatility and lowered the overall correlation of portfolios to indices while reducing capital at risk.


The Abernathy Group II Family Office garners attention from the high net worth community for the comprehensive, strategic planning within the Family Enterprise. We also base our strategic planning and investment allocation on PRÜF – The Science of Investing™ and data, not biased emotional information from Wall Street.


The Abernathy Group II Family Office is comprised of financial analysts and professional investors with audited track records and has been ranked #1 by Nelson’s World’s Best Money Managers sixteen times since 1991. *See the disclosure HERE for detailed information.

The firm is independently owned and conflict-free as it sells no products. Building trusting relationships with clients is tantamount. Families feel empowered to make informed, educated financial decisions rather than pressured into making snap judgments that will impact subsequent generations.


Each family has distinct access to human and financial capital. We appreciate their expertise within the businesses they own and operate. This commitment allows virtually no time to keep up with the complex world of personal finance—as there’s scant time to focus on both the core business and spend time with your family.

We’ve built a reputation for helping clients master their personal, legal and financial matters whilst also spending quality time with their families. Contact us at (212) 293-3456 with any questions, comments, or to review your portfolio today.


Our Mission is to serve families by managing their wealth across generations.  We:

1) Help grow and manage assets with custom investment strategies designed to preserve capital

2) Work to pass these assets to the next generation as efficiently as possible

3) Educate families to prepare heirs to receive their intellectual and financial inheritances

In addition, we:

1) Are independently-owned and are conflict free. We will never accept commissions from any firm or for selling any product.

2) Advocate for, and protect the individuals and families we represent as legal fiduciaries.

3) Endeavor to secure and customize the best solution for each Family, regardless of the firm offering the solution.

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