Estate Planning

Succession Planning

Every business has its challenges. Few are more important, yet more overlooked, than business succession planning. How many medical practices have a succession plan when the lead physician retires? Does yours? Our Family Office will work with the practice’s management and Board Of Directors to coordinate succession strategies long before the need arises, so you can be comforted knowing the hard work you are putting into building your practice is creating value you can realize when the time comes to retire.

Charitable Counseling

Philanthropy is an important personal commitment. Philanthropy allows a family to create a legacy, and to perpetuate their personal values across generations. Our Family Office can help a family of means realize their charitable endeavors, and assure their funds will be expertly managed and administered efficiently into perpetuity.

Estate Planning Counseling

Wealth creation is the result of a lifetime of hard work. Creating and implementing an estate planning strategy is one of the most important decisions a family will make. Proactive Estate Planning will transfer the family’s wealth from generation to generation cost effectively. However, knowing how to design legal structures that avoid probate and minimize estate taxes, which can be as high as 50% or more, is a challenge. We can help you understand your options. Our legal and tax consultants are experts at structuring an efficient transfer of wealth, ensuring complete control over who will receive the proceeds of your estate, while managing costs and coordination.

Ethical Wills

How do your values and experiences get passed to the next generation? An ethical will formally documents what you want heirs to know; an estate plan formally expresses what you want heirs to have.

Foundation Management

A foundation has the ability to direct human resources and financial capital in order to improve the quality of life for many. But navigating the challenges of administration, compliance, accounting, bookkeeping, and grant management can be daunting even to those with the foundation’s best interests at heart. We can help you better understand whether a foundation is right for your family. If it is, we can introduce you to experts who can oversee and manage your legacy.

Streamlining Business Affairs

Life’s pace offers little time to structure business decisions with foresight. Over the years, businesses are formed, accounts are opened, and relationships are created. Eventually, they become tangled and chaotic. When originally implemented, the decisions were sensible. Yet now, decades later, these businesses, accounts, and relationships may no longer make sense. We can help you organize and streamline your business affairs. Without the clutter and confusion of businesses, accounts, and relationships that no longer provide the advantages they were originally intended to provide, it is easier to make intelligent decisions about the management of your wealth.

Trust Monitoring, Coordination, and Management

As trustee of a “fully managed” trust, our Family Office and Family Office partners can assume full responsibility for managing and administering your family’s trust, including the investment of trust assets. Distributions, accounting, tax issues, bill paying, and coordination with other advisors no longer need be the responsibility of—and headache to—your heirs.

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