Practice Management for Physicians

Medical Practice Integration Counseling

When it comes to merging your practice with a hospital, HMO, or even another practice, you need an expert to ensure you get full value for the transaction. Our Family Office can introduce you to integration experts that help you address a variety of issues. These include administrative and practice management services, physician financial risk sharing, joint ventures to create new services, computer linkages (such as between a practice and a hospital, or between two merged practices), physician involvement in strategic planning, and salaried physician arrangements. Most important, these experts will work directly for you–not for the hospital, HMO, or practice negotiating to acquire your business.

Medical Practice Marketing

From brochure and logo development to website content and design, many physicians are starting to understand that marketing may be necessary if a practice is to grow. Savvy marketing can attract new patients, build loyalty among existing patients, increase physician referrals, recruit new doctors and mid-level providers, and increase profits. Our marketing experts can help you grow and increase the value of your practice.

Medical Practice Management

Declining reimbursement, bill collection, managed care issues, staffing problems, and an ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment are just some of the challenges facing physician practices today. We can help you increase your practice’s efficiency while you concentrate on practicing medicine.

Medical Practice Valuation

When the time comes to retire a partner, add a new one, gift ownership for tax planning, merge your practice, or go through a divorce, expert valuation is invaluable. The Physician Family office ensures your practice is valued fairly, without interrupting your business.

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