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“Will you be able to retire when you want?”

You face unique financial challenges and deserve the advice of experts when it comes to managing your wealth.

Ask yourself, is everyone on your team an expert? More importantly, are their efforts coordinated toward a common goal?

That’s the idea behind our Family Office

At Abernathy Group II we’ve built our reputation as being experts in helping our high net worth members maintain and grow wealth. We do it by borrowing from a concept first developed by John D. Rockefeller in 1882.

Known as a Family Office, Rockefeller brought together “best-in-class” financial, legal and accounting advisors to work together as a team to maximize his family’s wealth. He understood that, as in medicine, even the best financial and legal experts needed to work together – not individually – to achieve optimal outcomes for his family.

The idea worked so well that other wealthy families including the Carnegies and the Rothschilds quickly adopted the family office concept. Later the idea was modified to create family offices that served small groups of affluent families rather than just a single family.

While family offices were once the exclusive domain of the ultra affluent, the Abernathy Group II today applies this same model to help high-net-worth physicians and surgeons maximize and protect their wealth.

Clients join our family office because they prefer to spend their time treating patients and enjoying time with their families, while delegating the details of their finances and investment portfolios to an expert team of advisors.

You’ll sleep better, knowing that we are watching over your financial affairs.

We will guide your planning (financial, tax, strategic and philanthropic), investment management (asset allocation, risk management, investment due diligence and analysis, discretionary asset management and trading) and administration (advisor coordination and reporting).

We will also be there to help you evaluate major purchases and investments (e.g., real estate, art, cars, etc.) and assist with everyday financial transactions. We will find and create unlimited opportunities for you and your family that are available exclusively to our clients.

The bottom line is we are here to provide you with coordinated planning and advice for all aspects of your financial life to ensure that your asset base is not only maintained, but that you reach the goals and objectives you’ve set for your family’s financial future.

But what sets our family office apart from financial planners, stockbrokers, personal bankers and other financial advisors is that we sell no financial products, so our advice is unbiased.

It also means our Family Office does not accept commissions or kickbacks of any type. Instead, as a member of the Family Office you pay a fraction of 1% on the assets advised each year. Therefore, if accepted, you will almost assuredly save a small fortune compared to what you are knowingly or unknowingly paying in commissions and fees now. (We’ll further discuss these details during our consultation.)

If you are interested in joining our Family Office, please call us now to find out more.

Our Family Office provides qualified members sound research and financial advice, without commissions, conflicts or hidden fees. But membership is limited.

We will provide a consultation to you, at no obligation, with one of our principals. Together, we can determine if this is a good fit for you.

Call (212) 293-3456, or e-mail us at to arrange a time to talk with us directly about becoming a member.